GotSoccer Chief of optimization and data analytics to Speak at the FEX Forum


GotSoccer Chief of optimization and data analytics, Walter Gisler, has been invited to speak at the Football Experience Forum (FEX) in Odessa, Ukraine.

The FEX is a platform for sports organisations from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe to presents and discuss the most relevant issues that face the region, as well as other trending topics in the world of soccer.

GotSoccer’s Walter Gisler, who heads up GotPro –  the analytical and scheduling arm of GotSoccer, will give a talk on data analytics to discuss how data can help sports organisations to not only improve their performance on the field of play, but also off the field by predicting and identifying revenue streams, including ticket sales revenue and television ratings.

GotPro currently generates schedules for 15 professional sports organisations around the world including Brazil, France, Scotland, Poland, Australia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Wales, USA, Thailand and Korea.





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