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When GotSoccer launched in the US in 1996, we were initially well-known for our soccer forum. In 2003,  the company decided to build a scheduling program based on a design CEO Gavin Owen-Thomas drew on the back of a restaurant napkin, and GotSoccer as we know it today was born.

Since then GotSoccer has continued to grow and develop its services and we are now the number one Online Soccer Registration Software; the number one League Software; the number one Tournament Software and the number one Ranking Software in the US.

GotSoccer goes to the home of “Football”

In 2014, we decided to take our successful model overseas and the first port of call was none other than the spiritual home of soccer, England. The US and England have always had a special relationship, as we are bound together by a shared history and kinship that reaches back hundreds of years. Indeed, as Oscar Wilde once said ‘We really have everything in common nowadays except, of course, language’. For example, in England a soccer field is a pitch, schedules are fixtures, games are matches, rosters are team lists, and of course, soccer is football.

Indeed, using the word soccer in England is almost sacrilegious and tantamount to committing high treason, thus in England GotFootball was born. Ironically, the word soccer actually originated in England as an Oxford “-er” slang abbreviation from the game’s proper name, association football, with the “soc” bit taken from the word “association”.

Ted (Alamy Images)
Ted Macdougall once scored a record 9 goals in a FA Cup game – a record that still stands today. (Alamy Images)

To help bridge the differences between the US and England, GotSoccer tasked former Manchester United, West Ham and Bournemouth player, Ted Macdougall – who incidentally, holds the record for most goals ever scored in an FA Cup game, scoring nine goals in an 11–0 win against Margate – to help Gotsoccer know and understand the grassroots game in England.

Ted has been instrumental in GotSoccer's success overseas.
Ted has been instrumental in GotSoccer’s success overseas.

Ted along with another senior staff member travelled the length and breadth of England meeting with different leagues and people involved in the grassroots game, and they learned that just like in the US, every league in England faces its own unique set of problems and challenges, and therefore any one-size-fits-all system will fail miserably to meet their needs.

Since GotSoccer takes a dynamic approach to its software, customizing it to meet clients needs, the software has been well received and highly successful in England – in its first year of operation GotFootball signed 10 leagues, including two of England’s largest, and looks set to double that figure before the start of the new season in September.

GotSoccer expands into Canada and elsewhere

Following the success of GotFootball in England, we decided to expand a bit closer to home and are proud to announce GotSoccer has expanded into Canada with clients in Ottawa, Toronto, Oshawa, Mississauga, Scarborough, Okanagan, Kellowna, and Vancouver. The expansion into Canada means leagues, tournaments and clubs will not only have access to the best soccer software available, but will now also have the opportunity to have their teams officially ranked.

We have also just signed our first client in South Africa, while elsewhere, GotSoccer is in talks with a range of clients from South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.

The expansion overseas has also led to some new exciting partnerships, such as the new Futbol-Tactico Pro Coaching Magazine available exclusively in the GotSoccer Coaches Club, and GotSoccer believes this will be the first of many partnerships with world class overseas partners that will help to bring added value to our members back home in the US.

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