New Pro Coaching Futbol-Táctico Magazine

GotSoccer presents the new Futbol-Táctico Pro Coaching magazine.

Available only in the GotSoccer Coaches Club, the new Futbol-Táctico Pro Coaching magazine is an educational tool for coaches, full of exclusive content from some of Europe’s top professional coaches.

This new partnership with Futbol-Táctico furthers our goal at GotSoccer of providing a well-rounded experience for our clients and their users.

“This new partnership with Futbol-Táctico furthers our goal at GotSoccer of providing a well-rounded experience for our clients and their users.” said GotSoccer CEO, Gavin Owen-Thomas.

GotSoccer is the largest provider of soccer software in the United States, providing software for 28 state associations and over 75% of the major youth soccer tournaments and leagues in the country. However, GotSoccer also boasts an array of clients from overseas, with clientele from major professional leagues in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, and we are now using our relationships with these world-class organizations to help add value to our clients back home in the United States.

Futbol-Táctico was founded nine years ago and has released 108 uninterrupted editions (monthly editions). The company has built up a tremendous reputation based on the quality of their product and content, which has helped them become the official content provider for the Coaches Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the University of Real Madrid.

The Futbol-Táctico Magazine contains some of the latest tactics and ideas used by the Pros.

“The partnership between GotSoccer and Futbol-Táctico was born out of a mutual desire to help and supplement coaches with furthering their soccer education”, said Futbol-Táctico director, Juan Jose-Villa.

“We believe a soccer coach’s job is never finished, and wish to provide coaches with the means to improve their ability as coaches every day.”

The vast sums of money invested in professional soccer today mean the game is evolving quicker than ever before, with new tactics, ideas and training methods popping up almost on a daily basis. GotSoccer believes it is important that grassroots and youth soccer are not left behind and also have access to these latest ideas and methodologies.

GotSoccer’s partnership with Futbol-Táctico will ensure that coaches are not only kept up to date with the latest ideas, but are also well informed about the best analysis and methods of the best teams in the world.

“Coaches such as Vicente del Bosque of the Spanish national team, Pep Guardiola the new Manchester City manager and many others, use Futbol-Táctico as a tool on a daily basis to complete their work, and GotSoccer is now giving coaches in the US the opportunity to use the same tools as these world-class pros ” said Mr Owen-Thomas.

For more information on Futbol-Táctico please visit the GotSoccer’s Coaches Club 

The first 1000 subscribers will receive a free copy of Pep Guardiola’s new book.

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