GotSoccer Canada Rankings Go Live


GotSoccer is pleased to announce that its Canadian Rankings are now live.

The Canadian Rankings went officially live on Friday, November 17th, and the GotSoccer Global Rankings should also go live in the coming weeks.

The rankings’ rules for the Canadian teams will be the same as the GotSoccer USA rankings, though there will be some minor differences to the way rankings points are calculated whilst the new Canadian rankings are still being established.

In order to receive ranking points it is important that Candanian teams update their GotSoccer Team Accounts, i.e., they have the correct age group (Calendar Year) and are assigned to their Province. Any additional information such as coach’s name, manager’s name, roster etc., will help GotSoccer locate and make sure ranking points are assigned to the correct team, but is not required.

GotSoccer has traditionally only ranked teams from the US, meaning in the past tournaments had no clear criteria on how to seed Canadian teams that traveled to the US to compete in tournaments. The new GotSoccer Global Rankings solve this problem, as Canadian teams will now be seeded based off of their Global Rankings, meaning tournament seedings will be more accurate than ever before, creating better match-ups and improving the overall competition for teams and tournaments.

GotSoccer rankings are used by over 1500 tournaments in the US to seed their events, with over 62,264 teams ranked in the last 12-months alone.

The new Canadian National Rankings will include teams from the U12 to U19 age brackets. They are already a few U11 Canadian teams that are ranked, and this because they took part in events in the USA. However, GotSoccer will not be ranking U11 teams in Canadian events, as U11s are considered developmental and not competitive in Canada.

Canadian teams will also be ranked alongside the US teams in the new GotSoccer Global Rankings when it goes live.

GotSoccer’s Canadian Rankings will initially focus on ranking Ontario and British Columbia main competitive leagues, but will also include competitive tournaments.

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