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An easy way to manage your teams

The GotSoccer Team App makes managing your teams simple. Everything you need is now at your fingertips – team contacts, calendars, schedules, communications, events and more, all within a single app. So whether you are a coach, manager, player, parent or fan, you can now manage and follow all of your teams with ease. And what’s best, it is fully integrated with your GotSoccer account. So no need to upload schedules, team lists or any other data, instead the app pulls this from your GotSoccer account. See, we told you it was easy!

Team App Features

Add Your Teams Instantly

If you have set up your GotSoccer Universal account, as soon as you link your team to the app, your players, schedules, results & standings will be instantly available.

  • Add as many teams as you want.
  • Easily invite all of your team members.
  • See which invites are pending and which players haven’t been invited yet.
  • Use your team login to instantly add your team.
  • Search for teams using the Team ID or team information.
  • Add teams that you would just like to follow as a "fan".

Message Your Team

Instantly message your entire team. No longer do you need to search through your contacts, with our simple messaging tool you can send a message to your entire team instantly.

  • Notify your team that a game is cancelled or an event has changed.
  • Choose to message individual players, coaches, managers, or the entire team.
  • Send event notifications to players to remind them about games, practices, or events.

Manage Multiple Teams

You can add and manage as many teams as you need and view your calendar for all events.

No longer will you double book a weekend or forget which practice is when. Manage everything in this single app to keep you organized.

  • Coaches and Manager with multiple teams can manage all of them within a single app.
  • Parents with kids who play on different teams can use this app to manage their kids’ schedules and calendars.
  • Fans can follow as many teams as they wish and see their schedules, results and standings.

Create Team Events

Easily create team events and send event notifications to team members as a reminder.

  • Create Reaccurring Events like practices without having to recreate the event every time.
  • See who is attending events.
  • Send an event notification when a team event is created, changed or cancelled.
  • Add events to your team calendar to keep eveything organized.

View Team Calendars

Stay organized and view your calendar for every team. You can view your calendar for all teams, or a single one.

  • View your Calendar for All events/teams.
  • View your calendar for a single team.
  • Create Events to add to your calendar.
  • Send Event notifications to team members.

An App for Teams and their
Coaches, Managers, Players, Parents and Fans

Team Coaches and managers can:

  • Manage multiple Teams
  • Access their Team Rosters & Virtual Cards
  • Request confirmation for messages and calendar events so team members can RSVP
  • Access the team calendar and messages
  • Manage the list of team members separately from official records, so you can add family and extended family to the list of team members who will receive messages and calendar updates
  • Send important messages via the app to all team members, and see who’s read the message

Player, Parents & Fans can:

  • Keep up with all of your team’s schedules and rankings status with complete integration between the mobile app and GotSoccer
  • Follow as many teams in GotSoccer as you want
  • Find teams by upcoming published schedule, by club or team name and group, or using the GotSoccer TeamID number

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