GotSoccer set to start Global & Canada Rankings


GotSoccer Global Rankings and GotSoccer Canada Rankings are about to be launched.

GotSoccer currently only ranks teams from the US, which means when teams from Canada travel to play in tournaments in the US there is no clear criteria on how they should be seeded. The new GotSoccer Global Rankings will solve this problem, as Canadian teams will now be seeded based off of their Global Rankings, meaning tournament seedings will be more accurate than ever before, creating better match-ups and improving the overall competition for teams and tournaments.

GotSoccer rankings are used by over 1500 tournaments nationwide to seed their events. Over 62,264 teams and 11,000 clubs were featured in the last 12-months alone.

The GotSoccer Rankings celebrated their 20th birthday this year, having begun life way back in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy. GotSoccer CEO, Gavin Owen-Thomas, then coaching a a top girls team in Maryland, took his squad to a showcase event on the other side of the country.

There was no national transfer of information in the mid-90’s and tournaments had no criteria on which to base their seedings. As a result Owen-Thomas’ team were placed in a group with much weaker teams, winning each game handily. The trip fell way short of the value expected for the financial outlay.

The rankings were born. The first version only awarded points to tournament winners, finalists and semifinalists. All the results from hundreds of tournaments had to entered manually, but the system still very primitive.

In 2003, GotSoccer developed a new ranking system using complex weighted algorithms. It was far more complex and sophisticated taking into consideration prior ranking history and whether teams were playing against stronger or weaker opposition. The new system also integrated with the scheduling system GotSoccer developed, automatically generating the points without the need to manually enter data. GotSoccer has continued to advance and refine its ranking system and now ranks about 2000 tournaments in the US each year.

The new Global Rankings will include both Canada and US teams, while each country will also have their separate national rankings

The GotSoccer Canada Ranking will initially only be a national ranking system, though we may also include provincial level data at a later date. GotSoccer will begin ranking leagues in Ontario and British Columbia, though we will also rank large Canadian tournaments, such as the Canada National Championships.

An important change for the Canadian teams is that they will be awarded ranking points for playing in US tournaments as well, which will help to boost their GotSoccer Canada and Global Rankings.

Nothing will change in the US rankings, the only difference is that teams will now be included in the Global Rankings with Canadian teams.

Be sure to keep tuned to the GotSoccer Newsletter for more information.

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