GotSoccer Team App Released!


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The GotSoccer Team App is here!

Released today, the GotSoccer Team App represents the biggest advancement in GotSoccer’s line of Apps and is packed full of innovative technologies that managers, coaches, players, parents and fans can all access seamlessly at their fingertips.

And best of all, it’s integrated with GotSoccer. So unlike other team apps out there, where you have to spend hours adding your teams, players, schedules and all other data, with the GotSoccer Team App it’s simple, as soon as you link your team to the app, your players, schedules, results & standings will be instantly available.

Managing your Teams has never been more simple

The GotSoccer Team App takes the hassle and hard work out of managing a team, and makes getting a team on the field easier than ever before! No longer will a manager need to send multiple emails, make dozens of calls, log into various websites, manually enter every game, and keep track of reschedules by going to other websites. Instead all they have to do is create their GotSoccer Universal Account, log in to the Team App and everything they need is right there in one place ready to go at their fingertips.

No more spending hours manually creating games, editing scores etc., now your schedules, scores, and standings all update automatically, as the Team App is fully integrated with GotSoccer.

The GotSoccer Team App does more than just cater to managers and coaches, it also provides a whole bunch of neat and exciting features for players, parents and fans. For example, players can notify their team of their availability, get information on upcoming events, view their schedule and results, and so much more. And for team fans, the GotSoccer Team App allows  you to view a team’s public schedule, scores and standing so you can follow and support their progress.

Team App Features

Below are just some of the features available on the GotSoccer Team app:


  • Manage multiple Teams
  • Follow as many teams in GotSoccer as you want
  • Find teams by upcoming published schedule, by club or team name and group, or using the GotSoccer TeamID number
  • Keep up with all of your team’s schedules and rankings status with complete integration between the mobile app and GotSoccer
  • Team members can access the team calendar and messages
  • Team coaches and managers can manage the list of team members separately from official records, so you can add family and extended family to the list of team members who will receive messages and calendar updates
  • Team coaches and managers can send important messages via the app to all team members, and see who’s read the message
  • Team coaches and managers can even request confirmation for messages and calendar events so team members can RSVP

The GotSoccer Team App is now available to download on Apple and Android devices. Download the app today!

Get it on Google Play

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