Eye-Catching Moments

“Insane!” “Awesome!” “Thrilled!”

These are some of the words used by the winners to describe how it felt to win GotSoccer’s Eye-Catching Moments contest.

At soccer fields all across the country this spring lovers of the beautiful game have been treated to some eye-catching moments from players of all ages and GotSoccer thought that it would be great to acknowledge and honor those moments while also bringing them to a wider audience.

Not moments from the professional ranks, mind you, you can catch that action on your television screens. No, GotSoccer set out to recognize those moments that normally go unremarked upon outside of the small circle of family and fans that make it out to the local pitch every Saturday and Sunday morning.

So, with your help GotSoccer wanted to highlight the best goals, saves, skills and tackles caught by you, the parents and coaches all across the country, and boy did you come through!

Armed with cell phones and cameras of all sorts you caught some fantastic action on the youth soccer fields of the United States and after much deliberation the winners were selected.

So, here are the winners and their reactions.

First the March winners

March Best Skill – Brinkley Douglas:

“I was thrilled when I found out I had won. Every day prior to the day of the announcement, I went on to GotSoccer’s instagram and checked how many votes I had and how many votes my competitors had. When I won, I literally screamed with delight. All of my teammates asked me about what I won and how I entered the competition. They all were very excited for me and interested in entering the next competition for themselves. Some people even continued to congratulate me weeks later. It was super cool and I was lucky to be part of the experience!”

March Best Save – Brendan L’Italien: “It was insane to win! One of the best moments in my life! Thank you for this opportunity and I can’t wait to wear my jersey!”

Brendan’s mom, Jennifer added: “Brendan also put in a lot of work to win. He went to the mall, movies, and soccer games, showing kids the GotSoccer video and asked them to like it. His teammates along with his gps coach also shared the link.”

Brendan L’Italian donning his Eye-Catching Winners T-shirt for Best Save in March

March Best Goal – Logan Thrash (7 years old): “It felt good, actually awesome! I wanted to use that skill in a game a just did it. I was happy that I scored and that coach Ron worked with me on skills.”

And Logan’s Dad Chris told us that his son also said that he liked – “always having that skill in my pocket” so he could juke someone!

April’s Best Save Winner

April’s Best Save Mattero Gularte Ruiz

April Best Save – Matero Gularte Ruiz (15-years old) – ” At first I couldn’t believe it.  I would like to thank all the nice people who voted for me, who believe in me”

Mateo’s father Piccolo: “We are based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America, and it was very exciting to see his video was showcased, and he said “Papa no lo puedo creer!” which means “Daddy I can’t beleive it!”.

Awesome, indeed.

Past Winners

Click to View March’s Winners

Best Goal: Logan Thrash

Best Save: Brendan L’Italien

Best Skills & Tackle:  -Brinkley Douglas

Click to view April’s Winners

Best Goal: David Ortiz – Age 17

Best Save: Mateo Gularte Ruiz – Age 15

Best Skills: Hudson Hogsett – Age 6

Click to view May’s Winners

Best Goal: Jack Bole – Age 17

Best Save: Louka Raymond Campeau – Age 13

Best Skill: David Alvarez – Age 9







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